Camping With Owlbears: The Podcast

 All three of you who actually followed this blog might have noticed that it kind of dried up and died back in February. The reason for this is simple: I started podcasting my gaming journal rather that writing it down.

It's been so long that I'm not even sure if I mentioned that here. If I did, this is a reminder post. If I didn't -whoops!

There are nearly 60 episodes of Camping With Owlbears to check out.

They are basically raw takes with very little editing. I kind of consider myself the only audience for the material, thus I treat it more like a gaming journal than something I want to invest hours of editing in.

Maybe some of you will enjoy it: Camping With Owlbears Podcast.


  1. One of your 3 followers here, lol. I got here because of your podcast. I think I've listened to all of them at least twice already. Sorry I missed the Glaive Kickstarter, it's nice to see a project that not only delivers, but knocks it out of the park. I've heard you mention using Affinity Publisher, any chance you'd upload a template to a paysite such as DrivethruRPG? Looking forward to your next podcast, thanks for Glaice 2.1. I'll be perusing it ASAP.


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